Please indicate what materials you intend to cover during your revision course:

AG Science

Ag. Science  

We will be covering topics from Strand 4 such as Animal Nutrition, Animal Physiology, Animal Reproduction, Applied Animal Genetics, Dairy Production System, Milk Production & Beef Production Systems. Notes and exam questions provided. We will be going through the theory of each chapter with exam question analysis afterwards.  

Irish HL

Paper 1:  

Essay/Debate/Speech style tips  

Sample answers on:Fadhbanna an lae inniu, Cúrsaí Cogaidh agus Foréigean, An Ghaeilge, Cúrsaí Spóirt 

Grammar: Indirect Speech, Prepositions, TG overview 

Paper 2:  

Comprehension 6A & 6 B 


Prose-Hurlamaboc, Cáca Milis,  

 Poetry-Colscaradh, Géibheann 




Reading Comprehension 1 and 2. Detailed notes and tips on how to answer the German and English questions. 

Grammar – Verbs, Cases, Question Words, Prepositions and Relative Pronouns. 

Writing on a topic – keywords for describing a picture and sample answers from previous papers. Also notes on themes that are currently topical. 


We will cover topics from the metabolism section of Unit 2:  




Cell Division 

In addition, we will cover the Human Urinary System 



We will cover the following topics including all definitions, demonstrations and mandatory experiments in each: 

The mole 

Volumetric analysis 1 – acid/base 

Stoichiometry 1&2 


Chemical bonding 



We will cover the following topics including all definitions, demonstrations, derivations and mandatory experiments in each: 



Waves and Sound  


Geography Wednesday 4th (Eleanor)

Earths Composition and Structure

Plate Tectonics

Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Biomes – Tropical Rainforest, Principal Characteristics, Adaptations, Human Activities and Biomes

Maths HL



Complex Numbers 


ABQ units (1, 2 and 3) 

In this revision course we will be covering the following units: 

Unit 1- People in business 

Unit 2 – Enterprise 

Unit 3 – Management  

Students will be given notes for each of these units along with sample answers included within the notes provided. We also practise past ABQ questions and go through strategies students can use in relation to exam technique and timing. 

English - 'Hamlet'



Role of Women 



Imagery Q 

French Oral - Online Only!

English Paper One & Poetry


Essay – Personal, Speech, Article and Short Story 

Unseen Poetry 

Prescribed Poetry – Hopkins, Dickinson, Ní Chuilleanáin 

In Paper One, we will focus on Section 1, Comprehension, Question A. Students will learn how to structure their answers, the importance of addressing the question, and how personal response and development are imperative in order to attain maximum marks.  

Additionally, we will explore Section 2, Composing. This section is worth 50% of Paper 1, while it is worth 25% of your entire grade. This section ultimately determines your grade. Students will learn the importance of selecting the correct question, whilst also learning how to select a question that suits their style of writing. Again, we will review structure – this is crucial when looking at the marking scheme and where marks are awarded. Sample answers will be provided so students are aware of what it takes to secure a H1 grade. 

Unseen Poetry is worth 20m. Although students often view this section as insignificant, it can often be the section that determines a grade, i.e. it can be the difference between a H1 and a H2. Students will learn how to approach this section with confidence and learn how to secure a H1! 

In relation to Prescribed Poetry, students will be provided with in-depth analysis of the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins, Emily Dickinson, and Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin. Students will learn how to structure their answer and learn how to utilise language that will guide them towards a H1.  

Please note that we have two venues this year. Our higher level Maths courses will take place in UCC - Brookfield Health Sciences Complex. All other courses will take place onsite at Hewitt College.

Please note that Hewitt College reserves the right to change the timetable. Should a course be re-scheduled, students will have the right to a full refund or a place on the new course.

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