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15 Week Preparatory Course



15 Week Preparatory Course 

4th, 5th, 6th Year Students 

Fridays 6.00 P.M. -8.15 P.M

This course will be taught over 15 weekly sessions. 

DATES | TIMES Subject to change.

Onsite & Online 

The HPAT-Ireland is an admissions test used to assist with the selection of students into medicine. It is a test carried out separately to the Leaving Certificate exam, and your score is considered in conjunction with your Leaving Certificate points. Your total score is made up of your Adjusted Leaving Certificate Points plus your HPAT Score. In 2020, the minimum Total Score needed to guarantee a place in medicine was 728.

Hewitt College’s HPAT course is very popular and has proven to be hugely successful. The course prepares students to sit the HPAT and utilises a combination of MedEntry© (subscription required) materials and course materials written for Hewitt College. Our course enhances students’ logical reasoning, problem solving skills and non-verbal reasoning as well as strengthening their ability to understand the thoughts, behaviours and | or intentions of people. As part of this course, students will work through the library of original questions and papers drafted by our experienced tutors.

Our HPAT course at Hewitt College features separate 5th year and 6th year classes, run by excellent tutors.

Hewitt College runs a 15-week HPAT-preparatory course. Students will get a number of weeks to assimilate and practice each topic before moving on to the next, with assessment and feedback at every stage.

Hewitt College’s HPAT course is extremely accessible, and has an excellent success rate, as borne out by the volume of students entering Medicine undergraduate degrees.

Students hoping to take this course are advised to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

For further information, please contact us on 021-4550430 or email admin@hewittcollege.ie

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